What to wear on a first date 

What to wear on a first date 

Meeting someone for the first time is nerve-racking as it is. Add in that you're about to potentially meet the love of your life, and, naturally, you'll want to make a memorable first impression. When you want to look your best but have no idea what to wear on a first date, we've got out covered. Say goodbye to those floordrobe days; there's no need to try everything in your wardrobe. With these handy tips, you'll be first date ready in no time. 

Not only will we guide you step by step on how to create head-turning first date outfits, but we'll also help you get a second date. Consider us your style cupid. We're here to offer drop-dead gorgeous looks and a few personal tips we've found helpful in getting us through the first date ritual. To nail the first date look, we need to know where you're going and what's the vibe. No one wants to turn up to barefoot bowls in a ball gown or a fancy restaurant in activewear. Let's break down our go-to first date looks based on the most popular types of dates. 

Causal date

Whether your idea of a casual date is a few glasses (or bottles) of chardonnay at the pub or a lengthy brunch at your fav cafe, we're a big fan of the casual date. But even a casual date calls for a bit more than styled activewear. When it comes to casual dates, we're all about the chic t-shirt and jeans look; throw on a pair of strappy heels, hoop earrings and nude makeup. Or maybe you prefer a dress and heels, love that for you. Just remember to keep it dressy cas’, think long sleeve mini dresses with strappy heels or an ankle boot. 

After-Work Drinks Date

Almost a pre-date date. The post-work drink date is a more casual version of the "casual date". Because you're already a fashionista, it'll be easy to dress for post-work drinks by creating a simple day-to-night look. If you're wearing your favourite casual dress, check out this article on how to dress up a casual dress. If you're a ‘pants and shirt’ kind of gal, pack a pair of strappy heels in your work bag, swap it for a cute handbag, add a refresh of makeup, and you're good to go. 

Dinner date 

Typically more romantic from the outset, think candles and champagne; we love dinner dates. You never need an excuse to wear a dress, but a dinner date is a pretty fab reason. While there's no need to pull out a formal dress, dinner calls for something dressy. Whether you decide on the classic little black dress, or a colourful cocktail dress, add a pair of heels, lippy, and you're date ready. If you're not so into heels, keep it elegant and sophisticated with a long-sleeved maxi dress and designer flats.  

Picnic date 

Let’s be honest. If you find someone who even suggests a picnic date, they're already a winner in our eyes. Although that being said, as romantic as picnic dates are, they can be a tad uncomfortable. We recommend avoiding tight pants, heels and short skirts. Instead, dress for comfort in a maxi or midi skirt, paired with a loose tucked in shirt and slip-on shoes. 

Netflix and chill 

Although your mind might instantly reach for your comfiest tracksuit, remember this is still the first date. Even as chill as watching Netflix is, you can still be comfy while rocking some serious style. When it comes to comfort and style, you can't go past a playsuit; simply pair it with white trainers and a nude makeup look. 

Other tips for first dates 

Choose somewhere you'll feel relaxed 

If you're a casual gal at heart, don't try and impress someone by suggesting a fine dining restaurant. You'll feel out of place, self-conscious and uncomfortable, three things nobody wants to feel on a first date. This is also another great reason to take the lead and ask someone else out; that way, you can control the date's location. 

Choose comfort over style

Even though we want you to look great, we want you to be *comfortable*. There's nothing worse than being on a date, constantly needing to pull your dress down or unbutton your jeans because they're so tight. It's distracting, uncomfortable and makes it hard to put your best self forward. Stick to flowy dresses, maxi skirts and wide-leg pants unless, of course, you actually find bodycon comfortable. You do you, babe! 

Be yourself 

If we could give you any advice to blow your first date away, it would be to just be yourself. You've got this! While it's great to look good and feel good, at the end of the day, you want to date someone similar to you who you connect with. If you're not being your authentic self, you may not end up with the best person for you. That being said, your outfit can be an extension of your personality and give your date a snapshot of who you are. 

Remember, at the end of the day, a first date is about much more than what you look like. While we're all about helping women feel confident through fashion, we know you could rock up to date in a paper bag and still blow them away! 

If you're stuck for date-worthy outfits, we've got a beautiful range of stylish and comfortable clothing and accessories to make a great first impression. Happy shopping and good luck with the hot date! 

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