Winter wardrobe essentials 2022

Winter wardrobe essentials 2022

Winter wardrobe essentials 2022 

If you're reading this, you're probably thinking about getting dressed, leaving the house and heading out into this wintery weather. And we love that for you! Because, let's be honest, it's very tempting to spend the whole of June, July and August cosied up on the couch, wine in hand, watching Bridget jones's diary for the 100th time. 

As much as we'd love to hibernate for three months, and for you too, if we have any form of work or social life, we still need to get showered, dressed and head outside. It can be hard to motivate ourselves when it's wet, cold, and a bit drab. Curating an outfit might involve throwing on whatever keeps us warm, knowing it will be covered with coats, jumpers and scarfs anyway. This is why having a wardrobe full of winter essentials to keep you warm and stylish AF makes getting ready a whole lot easier. Because from our experience, sometimes the only thing stopping us from heading out into the cold is an effortless outfit we're excited to show off. 

Warm & Stylish Winter essentials 

Statement Coats 

No winter wardrobe is complete without a statement coat, which is why it's a the top of our essentials list. Depending on your climate, you may choose a heavier woollen jacket or perhaps a lighter trench coat for an added layer without too much warmth. Our tip is to choose a neutral or subtle colourway so you can mix and match any outfit and add a pop of colour using accessories, jumpers and dresses. 


One of our favourite things about winter is wearing the same pants, skirts or jeans on heavy rotation while just swapping your knitwear for a fresh look. With the wide variety of styles, prints and colours to choose from, we recommend adding 3-4 knits to your winter wardrobe. Of course, a black sweater is a must-have, but try to add different colours and textures too.    

Elevated hoodies 

Let's be honest, activewear in winter is life. But as comfy as our leggings and hoodies are, they're not always event ready. When you want comfort without compromising on the style, we love elevated hoodies such as the Darcie knit from Apero. They're not only perfect for dressing up your soccer mum look but are great styled over jeans with trainers or laying a maxi dress for a relaxed boho feel. 

Puffer Jacket 

You can't turn a corner here in Melbourne without seeing a puffer jacket in winter. They're the unofficial sponsor of southern hemisphere winter, and we're not mad about it. Of course, there's the reliable and trusty dark full-length option, or when you want a cropped puffer with a pop of colour, we love the lilac Fallon jacket. While we could wear a puffer every day (and sometimes we do), our tip is to keep them for a casual look, opting for a structured woollen or trench coat when the dress code is a bit more formal. 

Ankle Boots 

One of the most dreaded things about winter (in our opinion) is having cold feet. Honestly, is there anything worse? That's why we're all about boots, especially a fun and versatile ankle boot. Whether you're heading to work, out for brunch or have a semi-cas' event, having a pair of black or tan ankle boots to style with dresses, jeans or pants helps to dress up an outfit and keep your feet warm. 


Of course, dresses are a staple all year round, and in winter, having long, loose-fitting dresses to throw on with a pair of tights and boots can be a life saver. Try adding a couple of dresses in neutral and darker tones (depending on your style) that you can slip on and easily accessories for quick, warm and comfortable outfit.  


With our clothes often hidden away under our coats, using accessories is a great way to add colour and show off your personality during winter. In our opinion, the more accessories you have to play with, the better. But if you're a minimalist who prefers a few quality statement pieces, adding gold jewellery to an outfit will give it instant warmth and balance cooler tones. 

2022 winter trends 

Trends we're seeing this winters are faux leather and faux fur. With the sustainability movement well and truly taking hold in fashion, designers and brands have adopted the more environmentally friendly, ethical and economic faux-alternatives. And we’re the first to say, we're loving it!

Winter wardrobe capsule 

Prefer a smaller number of staple items you can easily rotate during winter? Our recommended winter wardrobe capsule is to keep you warm and look good.  

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