Workwear Chic: What To Wear To Your 9-5

Workwear Chic: What To Wear To Your 9-5

Let's be honest, most of us prefer spending our time doing more exciting things than going to work. But while we'd rather be sunning it up on the beach or spending time with friends (can we get a *yass*), that paycheck does come in handy. Even if you're not thrilled to face the 9-5 week after week, at least there's the office fashion to look forward to. Whether you're jumping back into the workforce and need a refreshed "workdrobe" or lack inspiration, we've got you covered! In this article, we'll explore the coveted style of workwear chic and help you can nail this polished look regardless of your workplace dress code. 

What is workwear chic? 

While each workplace and occupation has a set of rules to dictate what you wear, the good news is anyone can flex workwear chic. It's an elegant, refined and on-trend style that enhances any dress code. Whether you're a corporate high flyer, creative, or solopreneur (we love that for you), we'll help you get excited about going to work and make getting dressed a breeze. Let's break down the three most popular workwear chic looks and how to nail them every time. 

Business Professional 

While the thought of corporate attire may conjure images of beige, black or blue suits, in today's modern workforce, colour is welcome (insert clap emoji). Of course, this line of work still requires a certain level of sophistication. Tailored pants or a skirt, paired with a structured blazer and heels, is always a win. Keep it on-trend and modern by pairing the classic suit style with a brightly coloured blouse, tasteful pattern or even white pants to let your personality sing. When it comes to accessorising the corporate look, less is more. Choose a few quality pieces, like gold hoops, fine rings and a chain necklace, to rotate and compliment your outfit.

Business Casual 

The difference between business casual and professional is only a matter of tailoring and accessories. If you work in a more relaxed workplace but love the idea of the structured pants and blazer look, we recommend going for a slightly oversized style. Or perhaps dresses are more to your taste as they're a great way to look professional without the formality of a suit (it's good to have options). A wrap dress is always a convenient wardrobe staple, or opt for a two-piece outfit, pairing a flowy blouse tucked into a structured leather skirt. If you want on-trend statement pieces that stand out (in a good way), we recommend adding a touch of leather to your workwear. Whether it's a leather dress or leather pants, you'll feel instantly dressed up and ready for the day ahead.


Jean etiquette will vary from workplace to workplace; however, these days, more often than not, they're more than acceptable in casual offices (about time, just saying). Although before you reach for your favourite jeans, there are some ground rules for wearing jeans at work. We recommend choosing darker denim, black or indigo, a straight or wide leg and a high-waisted design. If you want to uplift the casual jeans, look for a more elevated workwear chic version paired with a flowy blouse, cute heels and fun accessories. In winter, swap the blouse for a warm and cosy knit or jumper and comfortable pair of sneakers. And don't forget the finishing touches, using subtle accessories to add a pop of colour and personality.


What to consider when choosing a work outfit? 

Get creative 

Modern workplaces are embracing employees' personalities and personal styles. Seriously, even the most formal workplaces have embraced the 'casual Friday'. If you have the luxury to wear whatever you like to work, play around and experiment. Can you add a print? Or maybe a bright colour you've not tried before? 

It's not a fashion parade (every day) 

If you love fashion (like us), there can be a desire to rock a catwalk-worthy outfit day after day, and we love this for you, but it can sometimes feel overwhelming. Our tip, have a few effortlessly chic 'throw-on' outfits for those days when you CBF. Honestly, we all have them. 

Harness the capsule wardrobe

Whoever invented the capsule wardrobe must have said, "I have nothing to wear to work". Creating a capsule wardrobe is one of those things in life that takes a bit of time, but once you have it sorted, you'll always have something to wear. They're about simplicity and collating a range of chic staples that form a cohesive collection of work outfits you love. Want to become a capsule wardrobe master? You'll love this article on how to create a capsule wardrobe

Finding the perfect work outfit day after day can be tiring. We've answered some of the most common questions to help you get dressed with ease. 

Are dresses appropriate for work?

There aren't any hard and fast rules when it comes to wearing dresses to work, but finding the perfect work dress is a bit like goldilocks and her porridge. Mini dresses can be a bit too short, maxi dresses a bit too long, while midi dresses are just right. We recommend investing in two to three lightweight dresses to see you through the seasons. Throw on with flats or heels in summer/spring, and layer with tights and boots for a dreamy winter style. 

What clothing styles are considered appropriate for the office?

This all depends on the workplace and its dress code. However, regardless of the industry, there are well-known rules on what constitutes "appropriate" clothing at work. If you're not sure what to wear, at least know what *not* to wear. It's safe to say any clothes with holes, distressed denim, crop tops, and exercise clothes are best left for the weekend's activities. 

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At the end of the day, your 9-5 will determine your version of workwear chic. But if there's one thing that we can all agree on, no matter the job, everybody and EVERYbody deserves to feel comfortable and confident at work. While we might not get to wear exactly what we want to the office every day, it's important to find the balance between feeling like yourself and making a good impression on your employers. 

At Somaia Collective, we're all about stocking dreamy pieces that you can transform from workwear to brunch and special occasions. Explore our range of stunning shirts, pants and dresses to elevate your everyday work wardrobe. 



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