Our Story

SOMAIA COLLECTIVE is about individuality.
Through inspiring you daily with dreamy, unique and versatile style choices, we want to empower you to revolt against the norm and to feel, see and claim your power.
One statement piece at a time.
That’s why we don’t focus on stocking the latest trends.
We want you, the women of SOMAIA, to cherish each piece as a unique expression of your ever-evolving style.
From leopard print for days to luxurious chunky knits, we’re your new favourite style destination.
We’ve got all you need for inclusive sizing and quality fashion.
We stock basically everything you’re looking for, staples that build the foundation of your wardrobe, bold seasonal colour injections, eye-catching placement prints and styles that will effortlessly take you from the boardroom to the beach.  
Life's too Short to be Tame


“SOMAIA COLLECTIVE is a boutique, personal and curated experience.

I know firsthand how difficult it is to find size-inclusive fashion pieces that are elegant, unique and suitable for women who want to show the world they embrace life, so i set out to create and find them to share with you.

Think of us as your bestie who always has your back, with great style tips, memes, and a bit of life motivation.”

Cindy xx



SOMAIA is a mish-mash of two Greek words – SOMA and MAIA. It’s a reflection of our core values: creating and catering for every type of body and creative spirit.

‘Soma’ is the Greek word for body. 

Ancient Greek Earth Goddess Maia was the mother of creativity, fertility and new beginnings. She’s one of the OGs for individuality, living with her sisters away from mainstream gods and goddesses.

Such a flex!

In Greek mythology, she represents fresh starts and spring time. She’s the epitome of abundance and energy, and that’s the vibe we want to bring into your wardrobe – excitement, positivity, creativity and imagination.